Skinn Cosmetics (Review)


by Philippa Lane

I have loved cosmetics since I was a little girl and like how a mascara, lipstick, blush, and just a little powder here and there can really enhance a person’s natural beauty. I have discovered a cosmetic company that is revolutionary in its approach to beauty. Dimitri James is the founder of Skinn, which is an affordable cosmetics line. As a licensed esthetician and professional makeup artist, he has implemented his expertise and knowledge of cosmetics by designing a line of beauty products that are formulated to compliment any skin type and tone.

I was able to try two lipsticks, a gloss, a mascara, and I would like to share with you my experience using these products.  

Plasma Fusion Full Pigment Lipstick (Carnation): This lipstick has four powerful components and it goes on smoothly. The outer layer is rich in color, which stays on the lips like a stain, and the center part of the lipstick contains Rosehip and Argan Oil. I love the color pink and it is one of my favorite lipstick colors, but there are some lipsticks that are too dry, lacking moisture, and some pink lipstick shades do not look good on me. I prefer a true pink rather than bright neon pink and this Plasma Fusion Lipstick in the Carnation color is perfect. It is moisturizing, but not overly moist and does not make the lips appear too shiny. The color that appears on the outer part of the lipstick tube matches the actual color of the lipstick and looks good when wearing it day or night. Price: $20.00

Plasma Fusion Full Pigment Lipstick (RustedRed):  This is a true red lipstick. It is a deep red with blue undertones and comes in a 0.12 oz. tube. I usually don’t look good wearing red lipsticks that have orange undertones because of my skin tone, but this one has blue undertones that make it a perfect red lipstick for me. I wear this lipstick during the day and evening and it looks very classy and sophisticated. Because of the moisturizing ingredients, the lipstick does not run off my lips with one application lasting for many hours throughout the day. Price: $20.00

Both of the aforementioned lipsticks do not have a bad scent, in fact, they do not have any scent at all, which is fine with me and my preference.

The Plasma Fusion Lipsticks also come in two other shades- Nudist and Chestnut. Top of Form

Ultra Luxe Mascara Ultra Black: I, like many women, want to have long, beautiful lashes and this mascara is designed to help achieve that, however, it does not work well for my lashes. The wand is kind of big and I am sorry to say, the mascara feels a little awkward when trying to apply it to my eye lashes and does not make them appear as long as I want them to. I did not like this mascara as much as some others I have used in the past. Price: $18.00

Glosstick Ultra Shine Lip Color (Tender): If you want moist and glossy lips with a touch of sparkle, then this is the lip color for you. My daughter loves how this glosstick feels and looks on her lips. Also, the Glossticks come in 11 other beautiful colors. Price: $15.00

I have only mentioned some products from Skinn Cosmetics that I have tried, but the company has so much more to offer and to choose from.

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